my contribution to the 15th anniversary


15 years since the Digidestined got sent to the Digiworld, huh


Because today is special day, I decided to throw a party with my little Digimon friends! I gave some gifts to them: a colorful necklace to Gomamon, flower weathervane to Gabumon and Tsunomon (my babies like spinning things), a new Patamon buddy to my Patamons, a whistle to Tailmon (of course) and some ice cream cake to Agumon and Greymon (these guys sure love eating)! For safety reasons I couldn’t light the candle :c…

Digimon is not just an anime for me. It’s something that makes me happy, it’s something really important. Characters, music, everything. Digimon will always have a special place in my heart.
Thank you for these years and happy Odaiba Day everyone :3


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Happy Anniversary, everyone! Thanks for making running this blog so special 


anticosmo replied to your post: "ODAIBA DAY HYPE TRAIN"


Taiki “I’m not superman! Here watch me do 30 backflips tho” Kudou

(Still working on the rest of the doodle requests!! Gotta keep that Odaiba Day hype going STRONG!)


I’ve been too tired to draw and a lot of stuff has happened lately, but here’s a quick drawing of Agumon for the 15th anniversary of Digimon Adventure. I like the binary tool, things can be messy and still look nice.

Please don’t use artwork without my permission, thank you!